Community Bakery Opens!

At long last, Dunbar’s Community owned bakery has opened for business!  As Scotland’s first community owned bakery, the opening has generated lots of media interest including on BBC News and a good write up on Prof. Leigh Spark’s blog.

This new enterprise is jointly owned by over 300 local shareholders and employs eight local people, including three professional bakers.  We hope that this can become a model for businesses run as social enterprises, providing local employment and training, providing quality goods and services needed by local people, helping to regenerate our town centre and reinvesting profits back into the community. Over time The Bakery will be working to shorten supply chains by collaborating with local farmers to grow and mill wheat locally. In the meantime, The Bakery will be producing high quality ‘Real Bread‘ and other baked goods at an affordable price.

Anyone can become a shareholder by completing a share application form in the shop at 60 High St, Dunbar, or on-line here.

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One Response to Community Bakery Opens!

  1. nigel says:

    I’ve decided to leave some comments about the place here.

    So, I’d like to welcome the bakery to the High Street. My kids had some of your biscuits on Thursday and there was barely a crumb left.

    Good luck.

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