Household Canny Challenge

160 households are taking the Household Canny Challenge so far and we aim to assist at least another 100 over the next few months.

If you want to save money on your energy, food and transport bills then here’s how :-) Take the Challenge!

What can you get?

If you are feeling the chill:

  • We can give you practical help to save money and reduce your bills;
  • Get half price curtain lining to insulate your windows;
  • Get access to grants and practical help to insulate your home;
  • Learn how to keep draughts out of your own home and get materials to do it;
  • Borrow a home energy monitor to show where you are spending your money when using electricity;
  • Get access to renewable energy generation schemes…

Want to save on food bills?

  • We can give you practical help for saving money on your food bills;
  • Learn how to grow more of your own food and make your own compost;
  • Get a worm box with worms in it eager to make compost for you;
  • Get fruit trees for starting up a neighbourhood orchard;
  • Find you land to grow food on if you don’t have access to any;
  • Get bread, jam making and/or fishing lessons;

Can’t get there by bus or train?

We will give the first 10 Household Canny Challenge sign ups (each year) a free membership to SpareWheels Car Club worth £25.00 each.

Can’t cycle?

We can teach you! Our Bikeability qualified cycle instructor can take you through from the basics of learning to balance to being confident enough to cycle in traffic, over a series of one-to-one or group lessons tailored to suit you. Lessons normally cost £20 per hour but folk signing up to the Household Canny Challenge can take part part for free.

Can’t carry what you need?

Up to £20 to help you use your bike more. We have a small number of grants to contribute towards the cost of panniers, baskets or child-carriers so you can use your bike for shopping and other errands.

Try a trailer

Canny Households can borrow a range of trailers from Sustaining Dunbar to try out or for one-off journeys.

Learn to Look After Your Bike

If you would like to know more about keeping your bike in top shape, book a place on one of our ‘Learn-to-look-after-your-bike’ courses. These are run by Weldtech qualified mechanics and are free of charge if you sign up to the Household Canny Challenge.

Travel advice – Public transport information – train and bus and recommendations on using

Need a Neighbourhood Group?

  • If you do not have a Neighbourhood Group where you live and would like to start one up – then we can help you to:
  • Get your neighbours together to list what needs fixing, planted, sorted
  • help you to bring these issues to the right people at East Lothian Council who can help you improve your neighbourhood
  • Assist your Neighbourhood Group to decide if they want to become a formal Tenants and Residents Association or just to work informally
  • Help set up a Neighbourhood website, mailing list or Facebook pages
  • Get practical support and advice to make your streets safer, plant a neighbourhood orchard or start up a community garden, or take measures to generate and conserve more of your household energy like bulk-buy insulation etc.

Need to borrow some equipment?

Households get membership to Sustaining Dunbar giving you access to the Community Resources Library. You can borrow equipment such as: bikes,bike trailers, carriers, tools, all terrain buggy, Event Tent 15’x15′, display boards, Cannon Camera, Video Camera, Digital Projector and speakers, Laptop, Screen, thermal imaging camera, and materials and tools for draft proofing.

For more information contact Susan Guy Tel: 01386 866 920 or email: or by website: The Household Canny Challenge!


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