A new role for Dr Bike

Dr Bike teaches everyone how to keep their bikes running smoothly

Sustaining Dunbar has a new member of staff, Daniel Waters, who has lived in Dunbar for the past 9 years. For parents and children at Dunbar Primary School, he may already be a familiar face as one of our ‘Dr Bike’ mechanics, ensuring that children’s bikes are safe to use and helping to get bikes out of sheds and back into use. Through this and his practical experience of cycling everyday with his 3 young children he was the ideal candidate for this new role. For the next 6 months he will be offering advice on how to look after your bike and how to find safe, quiet cycle routes. He will also be running cycling training classes for adults and children and recruiting and supporting volunteer cycling buddies. To get in touch with Dan email him at dan@sustainingdunbar.org or phone the office on 01368 866920.

Daniel cycled around the busy streets of Edinburgh and Sheffield as a student and later while working at banks and pensions companies. Recently, he has been promoting cycling around Dunbar as chair of the Dunbar Cycling Group and has been helping to get the pump track (cycling fitness circuit) in Lochend Woods up and running.

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