Household Canny Challenge

Posted By sustainingdunbar on Nov 15, 2013

The Household Canny Challenge is the Sustaining Dunbar project funded by the Scottish Government and works to help achieve Scottish Government objectives.

The programme supports households and Schools to reduce their C02 emissions through actions they choose to take such as: draught proofing and insulating their homes/ schools, reducing energy use, generation of renewable energy, growing more of their own food, wasting less food and reusing food waste to make rich compost, reducing waste going to landfill, and changing how they travel to school and work.

These maps below show the spread of households and schools in the Ward 7 area who are participating in the Household Canny Challenge. We can support up to 100 new houses a year. At the moment we support 250 households who have signed up in the last two years.

More maps are being prepared to show the spread of other measures households in this programme are taking such as: insulation, draught proofing and renewable energy generation. These will be posted here soon. All maps are updated every 2 months.

For more information about The Household Canny Challenge please click here or email