Zero Waste Dunbar and District

Posted By sustainingdunbar on Mar 17, 2015

Dunbar & District is famous for its beautiful beaches, fantastic local shops and of course being the sunniest and driest place in Scotland.  However, it now has a new accolade to add to this list, Dunbar and district has become the first community in Scotland to be part of a new  Zero Waste Town’s programme.

Its unavoidable, waste is all around us, despite the garbage removals company trying their best to keep the bins from brimming and overflowing. Every year in Scotland an whopping 12,800 tonnes of sofas, 1,600 tonnes of t-shirts and 9,800 tonnes of washing machines are sent to landfill, many of which are potentially re-usable.  And then there is annual household food waste of well over half a million tonnes, the equivalent weight of 10 Forth Rail Bridges.

But its not all smelly landfills and doom and gloom, we can do something to reduce this waste and that is just what Zero Waste Dunbar aims to do.  If we re-used just 10% more of those sofas, t-shirts and washing machines we could save the Scottish economy an impressive £1.2m each year, and reducing our food waste at home could save us each £470 a year from our own pockets. In Scotland’s first Zero Waste Plan the Scottish Government set a target of 70% recycling from all sectors by 2025, achieving this will benefit Scotland’s economy by a massive £178m.

Zero Waste Dunbar is a new project which aims to work with the local community, schools and businesses throughout Dunbar and District to help us all reduce our waste and maximise the benefits of re-use and recycling in the local area.  Zero Waste Dunbar is similar to the program for industrial and residential recycling in Perth but also includes food waste, it’s working to deliver Scotland’s Zero Waste Plan locally. To manage waste efficiently, you must make sure that you have waste bins available at the right places. Cheapest Skip Bins Perth ensures that waste of any kind is managed efficiently.

For more information on the project and to get in touch to share your ideas and get involved please visit the website  and search ZeroWasteDunbar on Facebook and Twitter.