East Lothian Aid for Refugees – Frontier Stove Appeal

Posted By Sue Guy on Nov 5, 2015

PLEStoveASE HELP:  East Lothian Aid For refugees has set an ambitious target to raise £4,000 to send 20 Frontier Stoves to refugee camps before Christmas. (This is one of our many on going aid initiatives).

WHY? Frontier stoves are portable stoves that are very fuel efficient, you can learn more about them here. They can run using any solid fuel and can run for a whole evening using only a few logs. They have a tall chimney that can be dismantled and stored inside the body of the stove for easy transportation. They can be used inside a tent as long as the chimney is routed outside, so they can provide heat for a group of refugees as well as cooking facilities. And each stove has a large hotplate so would be able to be used by groups of 10 – 12 refugees.

Our volunteers talked to a number of refugees about these stoves during a recent trip to Calais and to say that their eyes lit up would be a bit of an understatement! Most are digging fire pits in the open ground and cooking over open fires. Many have these inside a covered tent area that gets full of smoke so is unpleasant as well as dangerous.

THE PLAN: For every £200 that we raise we can buy a frontier stove and transport it with some cooking equipment to Calais and to the camps further south in Greece and Croatia.

The conditions in the camps are awful now – and will only get worse as winter arrives so we would like to be able to supply as many stoves as we can as soon as possible.

Please donate by going to www.elar.org.uk stating STOVE APPEAL.

You can also donate via Ettie Spencer, The Old Post Office, Stenton, Dunbar, East Lothian, EH42 1TE  01368 850 712   ettiespencer@gmail.com              THANKYOU!

Read a report by volunteers about the situation in Calais: