A Living Earth -The Power of Local Action

Posted By philip on Aug 22, 2016

logo_mikoko_PamojaA talk by Prof. Mark Huxham

Wednesday 7th September, 7.30pm

Dunbar Town House, High Street, Dunbar

Humans used to believe that Nature was something much bigger and more powerful than them -something that existed outside the human sphere and needed placating or conquering.

As we enter the new geological epoch (becoming known as the Anthropocene) we need to understand our new place on the planet, as the driving force for biological evolution, climate and even geology.

Does this mean that small efforts to make the world more just and sustainable are doomed? In this talk Earthwatch scientist Prof. Mark Huxham will explore some of the challenges and joys of working with a forest conservation and development project in Kenya, and of how this experience links with our efforts in Dunbar to make the world a better place.

This talk is FREE. To help the organisers please book your place by registering here  -or just come along on the evening.