Belhaven Community Garden, herbal workshops 2019

Posted By philip on Mar 21, 2019

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Anna Davis is an artist who recently completed the inspiring Wild Things course with Grass Roots Remedies in Edinburgh and is looking forward to sharing some wonderful herbal lore, finding medicine and health in the garden.

All workshops on Saturdays 2-4pm with £5 donation to cover costs.  For more information on what to bring to each workshop and to book a place, please email


March 23rd -spring tonics, nettles and wild pesto

April 27th -medicinal garden teas and drying and storing herbs

May 18th -exploring the garden and starting a personal herb book, drawing, pressing, study

June 15th -infused oils and salves

July 20th-sketching, drinking and getting to know some familiar wild herbs.

August 24th -nettle seeds, vinegars and harvesting

September 21st -cordials and syrups

October 19th -herbal tinctures and the magic of honey