Dunbar Bikeability

Posted on Sep 2, 2014

Dunbar Bikeability

Bikeability Dunbar is another Sustaining Dunbar project which aims to help you get your bike out of the shed and back on the road.  Bikeability is a cycle training scheme, usually delivered in schools between P5 and S2, that teaches children to cycle safely, to learn how to deal with traffic and that, above all, to get children excited about cycling. We are a team of cycle enthusiasts (our Bike Doctors are Dan Waters, Mark James, Ray Bill, Rowena Blair and Colin Combe) who are working with local schools to give more people the confidence to get out and about on their bikes.

A Bike Doctor can also give your bike a quick safety check, may undertake basic adjustments to gears, brakes, bearings, chains if necessary, but they won’t supply any parts.

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When we set off on the project the focus was on bike health. The Bike Doctors focused on ensuring the bike was fit for the journey and gave tips on preventative care. At the end of the check the Bike Doctor would give you a Prescription,  to present to your favourite local bike shop.

Now the service has become more human centric focussing on developing skills and competencies in bike handling. In time we’d like to get many more people confident enough to cycle safely on the road.

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