Dunbar Cycling Infrastructure

Posted on Sep 13, 2014

Dunbar Cycling Infrastructure

Sustaining Dunbar’s early surveys quickly identified that many people do not cycle because they do not feel the roads are safe. Over the years we have been working with East Lothian Council to improve crossings, establish cycle lanes and and create new routes and paths.

Through the schools the official “School Travel Plan” has been a catalyst for change.

We have initiated a number of longer-term projects, such as paths to link Dunbar with its surrounding villages – Spott, Innerwick and Oldhamstocks in particular. A report we commissioned in 2013 identified a bridge over the A1 at the Innerwick road end to be the most feasible long-term solution to reestablish a safe link between Innerwick and the coast, and with Dunbar. We have been working with Sustrans, Transport Scotland and East Lothian Council to slowly progress this.

Dunbar Cycle Links