Feed your family from 50 miles

Posted on Sep 4, 2014

Feed your family from 50 miles

Feed your family from fifty miles is a very simple project to label and promote locally grown food. This is partly about reducing food miles but it is also about supporting the local food economy.

We live in a relatively fertile area of Scotland, so why isn’t more of our food locally grown?

Many of us would like to eat locally grown and produced food but sometimes we just don’t have the time to shop around to find it and some food and drink labeling can be vague and time consuming to read.

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This project is intended to clearly identify food grown or reared within fifty miles of Dunbar/East Linton, including products made with locally grown ingredients.

To qualify, food must have been grown or raised within fifty miles of the point of sale or the majority of ingredients in the product must have travelled less than fifty miles.

Let’s re-connect growers and consumers and make it easier to quickly see what food and drink on our shelves is produced within 50 miles of where we live.