Job Creation

Posted on Mar 12, 2013

Job Creation

Job Creation Opportunities in a Low Carbon Economy was a workshop led by Sustaining Dunbar on 12th March 2013 in the Saltire Rooms, John Muir House, Haddington.

East Lothian is ‘striving to become Scotland’s most sustainable local economy … [East Lothian’s Economic Strategy]

East Lothian will be a place of opportunity for all, with a thriving low carbon economy … [East Lothian’s Environment Strategy]

We have a more localised, low carbon, economy focusing around our 6 main towns … [East Lothian draft Single Outcome Agreement 2013]

This workshop brought together about fifty selected participants from a broad range of organisations across East Lothian and beyond.

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The aim was to consider:

  • What will a local, low-carbon economy look like?
  • What opportunities, particularly for local jobs and local wealth creation in East Lothian, will arise from the move to a local, low-carbon economy?
  • What measures are needed to ensure that we take full advantage of these opportunities?

These are key questions posed by East Lothian’s Economic (1) and Environment Strategies (2), both of which support the East Lothian Community Planning Partnership draft Single Outcome Agreement (SOA) 2013 (3).

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