Relocalising Scottish Food

Posted on Sep 8, 2009

Relocalising Scottish Food

Sustaining Dunbar hosted a national event for a whole weekend in October 2009 surrounding the very wide topic of relocalising food production and distribution. One outcome of this meeting was the declaration of Dunbar, which is summarised below and the creation of a new national body campaigning for quality local food in Scotland, which operates independently as Nourish.

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We are working towards a sustainable Scotland in which, in every region we produce more of what we eat and eat more of what we produce.

We believe a more localised food system would be better for the environment, health, community and economy of our country.

We are building a movement to create a food system that:

Is locally based with shorter supply chains.

  • Promotes and respects seasonality.
  • Is resilient.
  • Is fair and accessible to all.
  • Creates and maintains a sustainable livelihood for producers.

These steps are essential in order to ensure a fairer more equitable food systemappropriate for a low carbon economy.