School Challenge

Posted on Aug 29, 2014

School Challenge

The School Canny Programme is working with schools throughout Ward 7 to assist them to develop Canny School Action Plans.It is part of Household Canny Challenge, a local project funded by the Scottish Government.

All participating Schools are working to learn more about climate change and reduce their carbon emissions

The project aims to help reduce household and school energy and food bills and to make our streets and roads safer for playing, walking and cycling. We are working with schools and households in the East Linton and Dunbar District area.

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The Household and Canny School programme assists the schools to attain and maintain their Green Flag. It also contribute towards delivering a number of the curriculum for excellence learning objectives such as:

  • Social Studies – learning about People, Place and Our Environment;
  • Sciences – learning about Planet Earth;
  • Literacy and English – learning about talking , understanding, analysing and evaluating;
  • RME – learning about the Development of Beliefs and Values;
  • Numeracy and Mathematics – learning about Information handling, data analysis, evaluating and interpreting data;
  • Health and Wellbeing – learning about Social Wellbeing, Self Awareness and Interdependence.
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