Woodchip Heating

Posted on Jun 21, 2010

Woodchip Heating

Thanks to funding from Community Energy Scotland and our consultants, On-Site Generation Ltd, we developed a toolkit for any size of community to use for an initial assessment of whether the retrofitting of biomass fired district heating is likely to be feasible in your particular situation.

The toolkit comprises 1) an Introduction to Biomass Heating, 2) a Community Checklist and 3) an ‘Economic Viability Assessment Spreadsheet’ to assess the financial viability of your scheme.

This toolkit is very much to provide an initial assessment of whether it would be worthwhile to commission a full feasibility study for installing a biomass fired district heating scheme in your particular situation.

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On Site Generation Ltd has been commissioned by Sustaining Dunbar to undertake an appraisal of biomass district heating (DH) schemes in domestic retrofit situations to provide community groups with information that can be used to appraise the viability of similar schemes.

The aim of this study is to produce basic information that will guide community groups to carry out an initial appraisal of potential retrofit biomass DH projects and enable them to take their project forward with confidence, identify areas of particular challenges that would need to be overcome, or to discard the project based on clear barriers.

Development scales of <10 units; 10 to 30 units; 30 to 100 units; and >100 units have been considered, based on a review of available case studies, feasibility studies and guidance.

The report is supplemented by a checklist to assist the user to collate the required information on the proposed scheme and score the likely success of the project.

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