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Since 2008 Sustaining Dunbar has been bringing people together to support new initiatives which create local jobs, help people cut their fuel bills and grow more food. This will reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, reduce CO2 emissions and make it easier for us to cope with future extreme weather and challenging economic times. What Why...

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Sustaining Dunbar’s aim is to bring people together to plan and start creating a positive and sustainable future for Dunbar and District. We believe that the challenges we face are also an opportunity. As we create a vibrant and resilient low-carbon future for ourselves, we will be creating opportunities for learning new skills strengthening local networks and relationships restoring and enhancing the local environment creating meaningful work and new employment opportunities … and much more. What Why...

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As a community development trust we are an enabling organisation. We help get new initiatives off the ground and other support local projects that are in line with our aims. We also deliver projects. Some of the projects we have initiated or nurtured are now independent organisations and we continue to provide support as we can. We’ve published a fairly exhaustive list of the principal projects we’ve undertaken, either ourselves, contracted out and in partnership with local stakeholders. What Why...

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What people are saying

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I welcome the Dunbar Zero Waste Town initiative and the important support it will give to local projects aimed at reducing waste, increasing recycling and developing more sustainable lives.

[Iain Gray MSP]

Sustaining Dunbar is a marvelous example of creative local action to move to a low carbon community.

[Stewart Stevenson, Minister for Climate Change]

Sustaining Dunbar has been a supporter of RAGES’ aims to improve local rail services to Dunbar since its inception and RAGES is very grateful for this.

[Rail Action Group East Scotland (Rages)]

We must support communities to work together with transition communities such as Sustaining Dunbar.

[Claudia Beamish MSP}

I have greatly appreciated the active support and expertise of Sustaining Dunbar in my efforts to enhance public transport in Dunbar

[Councillor Michael Veitch]

  • Iain Gray MSP
  • Stewart Stevenson, Minister for Climate Change
  • Rail Action Group East Scotland (Rages)
  • Claudia Beamish MSP
  • Councillor Michael Veitch Transport Convenor