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Local Network News

  • by HHS
    April 2024 Membership Numbers: 86 (fully paid) Guest numbers: 2-19 Average attendance: 42 Talks Our 2023-24 session opened in September with a […]
  • by HHS
    Thirty two members made their way to Greenlaw for a wonderful tour of Historic Marchhmont House followed by Nettle soup and Sandwiches. […]
  • by @ourlocality
    Top 5 Tips to Avoid Accidental Lockouts The Double-Edged Sword of Wordfence Security In the digital landscape, security is paramount. Websites are […]
  • by dunbarheritage
    Trees within Conservation Areas are protected by legislation, ensuring the preservation of our natural, historical and cultural heritage. Apparently, and I never […]
  • by mark
    The drop in workshop has been well used, by some familiar faces and others who have a particular issue to resolve. Sessions […]
  • by Lets make East Lothian Wilder
    Managed retreat is a strategic approach to adapting to coastal erosion and sea-level rise by relocating structures and ceasing development in high-risk […]
  • by @ourlocality
    Deciding whether to launch a website with a “coming soon” message or to wait until you have more content to show depends […]
  • by George
    The conference on 11th May 2024 celebrated the 100th anniversary of the formation of the East Lothian Antiquarians and Field Naturalists’ Society. […]
  • by jenw
    An East Lothian project that aims to help the hedgehog population in Dunbar has been awarded new funding of around £4,000 to […]
  • by Dunbar Community
    Our business meeting was preceded by a brief presentation by Alasdair Swan who has taken over as Vice Chair of Dunbar and […]
  • by HHS
    We are pleased to announce the programme for 2024-25. All talks will be held at Holy Trinity Church, Church Street, Haddington at […]