The Pledgehog Project

Hedgehog populations are in steep decline all over the UK and urgently need your help. The Pledgehog Project aims to mobilise as many people as possible to help these much loved creatures.

What can I do to help?

Borrow a trail camera, feeding station or hedgehog tunnel to find out if you have a hedgehog visiting your garden. Contact for more details.

Upcoming Hedgehog events in Dunbar

Saturday 17th June 2-4pm – family fun afternoon at Belhaven Community Garden with hedgehog activities with Jen Walker, children’s treasure hunt & garden tours.  


Belhaven Community Garden; Dunbar Nursery school’s Beehive Garden; Friends of Winterfield; Dunbar Shed.

Contact for more hedgehog expertise.

Funded by: Dunbar Community Council’s  ‘Community Benefit Fund’, Dunbar and East Linton Area Partnership; Belhaven Brewery.