Sustaining Place, Sustaining People

Our community-led recovery and resilience plan: for making a real difference, and to build back better from the pandemic.

We started out on a journey around a year ago to grow a partner network to “build back better” from the pandemic. We are delighted to present this report, which shares the findings of our incredible ‘What If?‘ journey so far and takes us to the next part of our journey, ‘What Next?’

Through a process of network Partner Conversations, data was gathered on what is happening in our community – the existing projects and the synergies within.

Together we analysed the gaps and considered the priority areas for further action. New initiatives came to light. Ideas for projects that would further support our community, build upon ‘What If’, and continue to lead the way to recovery.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe

John Muir

The words of John Muir could not be more profound as it became clear that the majority of the existing projects and activities were intertwined, connected and with one aim: Building a community that would be more resilient, stronger and sustainable for our children, our future!

The findings of the conversations were astonishing, a mountain of activity, led by an army of volunteers – from promoting healthier lifestyles to saving our planet. A realisation that the network is achieving great things with successful projects underway.

Projects cover four broad themes:

  • Connecting with Nature for Health & Wellbeing
  • Connecting with Food & Growing for Sustainable Lives
  • Letting Nature Thrive for a High-Quality Environment
  • Learning & Acting for Sustainable Lifestyles

And one cross cutting theme:

  • Collaborating for Common Good.

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