Carbon Conversations

We are planning to host a number of Carbon Conversations groups for individuals and organisations in Dunbar and District over the Autumn and Winter of 2020/21.
Carbon Conversations are about getting together with a small group of our friends/neighbours/colleagues in a safe and well supported space to help us face our complex reactions to climate breakdown and to start taking practical steps that can make a difference. 
These structured and facilitated group ‘conversations’ are a very well tried and tested approach which normally involve attending six, two-hour sessions over two to three months.
We realise that some people may find it difficult to commit to the whole programme up front so we are planning to run some introductory, ‘taster’ sessions as well.
Experience shows that most people really enjoy the experience and many groups continue to meet up regularly long after completing the sessions.
If you, or your group, want to discuss joining one of these Conversations then please get in touch now by registering your interest HERE and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


2020 Member’s Meeting

7-8pm Tuesday 1st September (online).

This year we are holding our Annual Member’s Meeting (AGM) online. This is your chance to find out more about what Sustaining Dunbar has been up to over the past year and, in particular, about future plans and activities, including for The What If Network*.

All welcome, please do come along and share your ideas and find out how you could become more involved.

Register here to be sent information on how to join the meeting.

This is a short Annual Report for the past year.

If you are interested to join our volunteer Board, please get in touch with Jo McNamara: ‘‘ to discuss this.

*The What If Network of local groups will work together to create and deliver a community-led action plan for Dunbar and district to be a home to thriving people, in a thriving place, while respecting the wellbeing of all people, and the health of the whole planet.


Another World is Possible…

Can we grasp this moment?

We might look back longingly to the time before the pandemic and the restrictions it’s brought. But while life was easier for many of us, below the surface, often out of sight and out of mind, “normal” was a mess. “Normal” meant rising inequalities, with food banks getting ever busier across the country, mental ill health, loneliness, social and political divisions and, of course, the environmental and climate emergencies. These problems are still there and getting worse. 

That’s why governments, NGOs, think tanks, business groups and even the Financial Times are saying that as we recover from the pandemic we must fundamentally rethink the economy so that we can tackle these social and environmental crises together. The massive shock to the system that we have experienced is opening up new opportunities to reimagine the future and for taking radical action. 


‘Need or Want: What Matters Post-Covid-19?’

Join one or all of a series of 3 Facilitated Conversations on what matters to us, post-Covid-19.

The ‘Fixing for a Future’ project, a collaboration between East Linton Melting Pot and Sustaining Dunbar, has officially started.  


What if we followed nature’s lead?

‘You only get so many Mays in your life.’

Inspired by studying Rob Hopkin’s book ‘From What is to What if?’ together over the winter, a group of us were very excited by the idea of heading off to the woods with bikes and children and picnic breakfasts to celebrate Dawn Chorus Day on the first Sunday in May. But then along came Covid-19 to stop us in our tracks. Instead, at a time when nature connection seems more important than ever, some of us headed off independently.


Fixing for a Future

The Fixing for a Future project has been developed by East Linton Melting Pot, supported by Sustaining Dunbar. The project has recently secured two year’s of funding from the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund and a part-time project officer, Rosie Harrison, has now been appointed.


Fixing for a Future -Project Officer

‘Fixing for a Future’, Freelance Project Officer, 1.5 days per week, 2-year contract, East Linton, East Lothian

The East Linton Melting Pot, working with Sustaining Dunbar, require a Project Officer to establish a monthly Repair Cafe at The Mart in East Linton, to set up and oversee the running of practical Skills Workshops and to recruit and organise training of volunteers for these activities and for facilitating ‘carbon conversations’ groups.

Events News

General Election Hustings -Tuesday 10th December

Tuesday 10th December 2019

7.30pm Belhaven Church Hall

Belhaven Rd, Dunbar EH42 1NH – Doors open from 7pm

Organised jointly by:


Come and hear the candidates standing to become the new MP for East Lothian in the General Election on 12th December 2019.

Candidates whose attendance is confirmed:

  • Craig Hoy (Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party)
  • Kenny MacAskill (Scottish National Party – SNP)
  • Robert O’Riordan (Scottish Liberal Democat)
  • David Sisson (UK Independence Party)
  • Martin Whitfield (Scottish Labour)

Independent Chair: Tim Greene (Trustee of Sustaining Dunbar)
Questions (to be put to all candidates) can be submitted up to 7.30pm on the night or in advance by email to: (This is also the address for queries).

This event is independently organised by Dunbar Churches Together and Sustaining Dunbar (Registered charity SC040106) on a cross-party basis to enable electors to hear from the various candidates standing in the General Election. The names shown have confirmed their attendance; one other candidate has also been invited.


How can we talk about the Climate Emergency without upsetting our friends?

‘Finding your Voice’

Are your friends just back from another weekend break in New York?  Do all your neighbours drive gas-guzzling SUVs? What exactly is it about the Climate Emergency that they don’t get? Do they not care?  Is it easier to just avoid talking about it?

Tuesday 12th November 7-9pm
Bring and share pot-luck supper followed by a facilitated discussion about how to have better, more effective conversations about the Climate and Ecological Emergencies.

Belhaven Church Hall, EH42 1NH
6.30pm Doors Open
7pm Bring and Share Potluck supper
8pm Talking effectively about the Climate Emergency -facilitated discussion


Carbon Conversations -Do you want to be part of it? Register your interest now.

“I have sleepless nights if I think about it…” “I’m afraid I can’t make a difference…”
“I know it’s a problem but I need a holiday in the sun…”

The moment we start talking about the Climate Crisis, feelings, fears and dilemmas come tumbling out. We know that there is a problem but it’s hard to face our feelings and fears and hard to know what to do.

Do you think that we need to find better ways of talking with each other about the Climate Crisis and of supporting each other to make change?

Carbon Conversations groups help people to face their complex reactions, take practical steps that make a difference and help them to feel better.

Carbon Conversations are a series of six facilitated conversations, over three months or so, within a small and supportive group experience which helps people understand and take practical action to significantly reduce their individual carbon footprint -as well as creating space to discuss ideas for neighbourhood and community scale action.

Would you like to be part of one of these conversations? If so, please register your interest HERE.