Connecting Dunbar

Posted on Mar 15, 2012

Connecting Dunbar

This one year project funded by the Climate Challenge Fund took place in 2011. The aim was to research local travel patterns, identify the barriers to greater use of walking, cycling and public transport and to produce resources such as route maps and timetables.

Also considerable effort went into responding to people’s concerns about poor and badly integrated public transport. A single-issue group was set up to campaign for better bus services (Relbus) while another went on to create a car sharing club known as Sparewheels. Both of which are operating successfully.

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As a result of our work, we have achieved the following community outcomes:

  1. Dunbar area residents have access to local sustainable transport information
  2. Local and national groups have the evidence they need to lobby for sustainable transport improvements
  3. Local groups and individuals have access to high-quality local maps for all purposes
  4. More local people are considering reducing their use of private cars
  5. Local people can join a carsharing club, thus removing the need to own a private car
  6. Local people can join a bus users group to voice their concerns on public transport provision
  7. Local people can access cycle training and learn bike maintenance skills

As more of the aspirational framework becomes reality, and the future projects detailed in the legacy of the project get underway, there will be significant reductions in CO2 emissions from short travel journeys.

Connecting Dunbar Report