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“I have sleepless nights if I think about it…” “I’m afraid I can’t make a difference…”
“I know it’s a problem but I need a holiday in the sun…”

The moment we start talking about the Climate Crisis, feelings, fears and dilemmas come tumbling out. We know that there is a problem but it’s hard to face our feelings and fears and hard to know what to do.

Do you think that we need to find better ways of talking with each other about the Climate Crisis and of supporting each other to make change?

Carbon Conversations groups help people to face their complex reactions, take practical steps that make a difference and help them to feel better.

Carbon Conversations are a series of six facilitated conversations, over three months or so, within a small and supportive group experience which helps people understand and take practical action to significantly reduce their individual carbon footprint -as well as creating space to discuss ideas for neighbourhood and community scale action.

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