‘What if?’ podcast 1

We are thrilled to share the first What If? podcast with you!

Paul, the ‘Story Weaver’ from the Scottish Communities Climate Action Network, has expertly started weaving our story together. Enjoy listening to Part 1 today. The next two parts will be released over the next two weeks.

The first part of a virtual visit to Dunbar to hear about the work of development trust Sustaining Dunbar and the life and resonance of conservationist John Muir.

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Better Bike Share: Stories of Scotland’s community bike share schemes CoMoUK and Scottish Communities Climate Action Network are excited to present a new joint podcast, exploring the impact of community bike share across Scotland. It features: – Harriet Cross on CoMoUK’s work to help develop low-carbon and low-cost transport options – Tim Hughes on how his passion for cycling led to Dunblane Development Trust’s e-bike loan scheme for residents – Jude King discussing how Arran Eco Savvy’s bike-share project supports the island’s businesses and individuals to reduce their carbon footprints. 
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