Embedded Artist

Barbara Gardener-Rowell joins Sustaining Dunbar as a volunteer embedded artist.

I am Barbara Gardner-Rowell, a local visual artist. Originally from Edinburgh, I have lived in East Lothian for the past 15 years, and am now based just outside Dunbar in Crowhill.  

Working from my home studio, I try to maintain a sustainable practice with a focus on process in natural dyeing and weaving. As well as art, I enjoy reading  and walking.

I recently returned to study for the MA in Art and Social Practice with the University of the Highlands and Islands, where my current research is on listening as a transformative practice.

Being an embedded artist in Sustaining Dunbar’s ‘What If’ project presents an exciting opportunity for me to join our local community as we collectively imagine a better future, and work out how to get there. I hope to be able to support some of the initiatives which are helping to make Dunbar and District a home where both people and planet can thrive, and I look forward to engaging with many of you along the way.

Barbara’s website