Twa Burns Wood

Climate Action East Linton (CAEL) in association with Robbie and Tommy Dale recently collaborated to plant a new species-rich scrub woodland – “Twa Burns Wood”.

The focus of the Twa Burns Wood Project is biodiversity which ties in perfectly with CAEL’s biodiversity theme.  This project provided a great opportunity for the community to get involved in the planting and aftercare of this new wood.

Planning for the project began in February and planting took place over 5 sessions in March, involving over 40 adults and numerous children, creating a wonderful family atmosphere at many of the sessions.

CAEL has now planted a total of 716 trees including alder, elder, silver birch, grey willow, rowan, hazel, crab apple, dog rose, hawthorn, blackthorn.  A rolling programme of aftercare to ensure maximum survival rates will now be implemented.

This was a fantastic opportunity to bring the community together in a safe, socially distanced manner and work together to create something positive for many years to come.

More about this project is available at:

Twa Burns Wood — Climate Action East Linton