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Pilgrims on the Storm

The soil and soul of walking to COP26

A talk by Alastair McIntosh to launch the Pilgrimage from Dunbar to Glasgow COP26

A pilgrimage doesn’t usually come from nowhere. In most of us, it will have built up over a period of both conscious and unconscious preparation. This is because a pilgrimage is not just any old walk. It is a walk with inner intent that settles the soul into the soil of places that are passed through, grounding our commitment to taking action in response to the climate and wider ecological crisis. Traditionally, pilgrimage is often symbolised by the scallop shell. Even a small cockle from the beach will suffice to muse upon: the way the rays converge from all directions to a central point, and then back out into the world again.

Alistair McIntosh is a renowned and inspiring speaker and the author of several books that speak to the moment we are in. As he wishes farewell to pilgrims departing from Dunbar, he will share spiritual teaching stories from the Celtic tradition and perhaps reflect upon some words of Maxim Gorky in The Lower Depths: “All of us are pilgrims on this earth, I have even heard people say that the earth itself is a pilgrim in the heavens.”

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Because of the Covid restrictions which strictly limit capacity in Belhaven Church Hall, we are livestreaming this event to make it available to a wide audience. A small number of in-person tickets are available if you wish to join those making the pilgrimage to COP26, starting with soup and bread at 6pm. 

This event is being organised jointly by NorthLightArts and Sustaining Dunbar.