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by Naomi Barnes, December ’22

Garden Outreach Funding

Hopefully, you will have seen Carey’s blog about the fantastic outreach work she is doing with the Belhaven Green Team, the Beehive Garden Buddies and soon, the Belhaven hospital Buddies. We also employ Una who manages the Brewery’s Secret Garden. All this work could not take place without funding to pay sessional wages, tools, insurance and core costs for Sustaining Dunbar. Our thanks goes to:  Belhaven Brewery for sponsoring us; Dunbar and East Linton Area Partnership for their support; The Robertson Trust; The Amos Trust and lastly, to two Grammar school pupils who won the Youth Philanthropy Award on behalf of the Belhaven Community Garden. Arlo and Lukas won a national competition for their presentation on the benefits of gardening on mental health and this will go towards helping to reduce the social isolation of Belhaven’s nursing home residents in the New Year. Read more…