‘Need or Want: What Matters Post-Covid-19?’

Join one or all of a series of 3 Facilitated Conversations on what matters to us, post-Covid-19.

The ‘Fixing for a Future’ project, a collaboration between East Linton Melting Pot and Sustaining Dunbar, has officially started.  

As our original Repair Café and Skills Workshops plans are on hold we have been thinking of potentially constructive alternatives for the coming few months. We appreciate that the impacts of the current situation are wide-ranging and that for some people now will not be a good time but for others our series of online conversations: ‘Need or Want: What Matters Post- Covid-19?’ may provide a welcome opportunity to meet in a low-key, friendly forum, to share thoughts on any changes we have experienced in our attitudes or behaviours as a result of lockdown; to try and capture something positive that we can use in the future to help build increased community resilience, specifically through practical community-led actions. 

Until we can proceed with the planned ‘Fixing for a Future’ project we are hosting a series of online conversations focused on 3 topics particularly relevant to everyone at this time:

Use of Time: Work & Leisure: Saturday 16th May
Nature & Environment: Saturday 30th May
Community: Saturday 13th June

All sessions will be 2-3.30pm and include a break. You can join in as many conversations as you like.

An online link will be sent to you so, as long as you have internet, it’s simple to join in. You will also be sent an outline and a list of questions to consider ahead of each session. Please let me know if you’d like to join in:

Hope to see you there! Rosie -Fixing for a Future Project Officer

Participants in the pilot conversation were very positive, you can read their comments here.