What if we followed nature’s lead?

‘You only get so many Mays in your life.’

Inspired by studying Rob Hopkin’s book ‘From What is to What if?’ together over the winter, a group of us were very excited by the idea of heading off to the woods with bikes and children and picnic breakfasts to celebrate Dawn Chorus Day on the first Sunday in May. But then along came Covid-19 to stop us in our tracks. Instead, at a time when nature connection seems more important than ever, some of us headed off independently.

This is my recording from Binning Wood on 3rd May, edited to 11 minutes. Sit back and close your eyes and picture yourself sitting by a pond in some mixed woodland at first light. I hope you enjoy! (You may need listen with headphones to catch the tawny owl at the start). And I hope you will be inspired to head off yourself to experience this wonder of the natural world before another May is out.