Carbon Conversations

We are planning to host a number of Carbon Conversations groups for individuals and organisations in Dunbar and District over the Autumn and Winter of 2020/21.
Carbon Conversations are about getting together with a small group of our friends/neighbours/colleagues in a safe and well supported space to help us face our complex reactions to climate breakdown and to start taking practical steps that can make a difference. 
These structured and facilitated group ‘conversations’ are a very well tried and tested approach which normally involve attending six, two-hour sessions over two to three months.
We realise that some people may find it difficult to commit to the whole programme up front so we are planning to run some introductory, ‘taster’ sessions as well.
Experience shows that most people really enjoy the experience and many groups continue to meet up regularly long after completing the sessions.
If you, or your group, want to discuss joining one of these Conversations then please get in touch now by registering your interest HERE and we will get back to you as soon as possible.