1000 Better Stories

Two more episodes in the Dunbar and District ‘mini-series’ from Scottish Community Climate Action Network’s ‘1000 Better Stories’ podcast are now available:

1000 Better Stories 06 – A Garden of Plenty Our final stop in our virtual visit to Dunbar is Belhaven Community Garden, before hearing some final thoughts on the power of community from the volunteers of Tyninghame Village Hall.

1000 Better Stories 05 – Making and Mending We chat cooking with the Community Carrot and repair and renewal with the East Linton Repair Cafe.

Listen to more episodes below:

Our first podcast of 2021 explores community led energy initiatives across Scotland, from the difference it can make, to the challenges still to be overcome. We hear from Greener Kirkcaldy, Cosy Kingdom, Orkney Renewable Energy Forum, Barra and Vatersay Community Limited and Linlithgow Community Development Trust, all pioneers with practical experience of making community energy work.The podcast was produced in partnership with Community Energy Scotland.
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  4. 1000 Better Stories 06 – A Garden of Plenty
  5. 1000 Better Stories 05 – Making and Mending
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  7. 1000 Better Stories 03 – Black Lives Matter